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Save me from myself II

Another crazed week just rolled past! Mehn. What a week? I know I promised “Save me from myself II” earlier, I could not find spare moments to write after Tuesday, though. Forgive me. I’m writing today, however. Does it suffice, my darling?

You should know too, yesterday, I forgot to write to you, because I was working on something.

So, to the promised completion of the blog entry;

That Tuesday morning, I came face-to-face with my humanity in a very humbling way. And I remember now that Apostle Arome always says “Man is a bag of infirmities.”

Knowing this it is easier to give grace to people and forgive them, because we are humans and make messes all the time.

I remember thinking to myself one of those days in December when I was eviscerating a fowl how good the warm blood felt flowing over my hands as I dug in. And then I asked “What’s the difference between me and a ritualist?” It’s probably a very thin line of conscience, which can easily be crossed given the “right” exposures.

In the face of our weaknesses we are reminded why we should never judge any man, because given the right atmosphere, exposure and opportunity, our humanity will shock us.

This, my friend, is what I write to remind you of today: all men are in need of grace and a Saviour.

May we never see the day when our humanity embarrasses us. Rather, may we learn daily to say “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Emem ye ifure ke obufa ofion emi (Have peace and serenity in this new month).

Cc: Your GJ. 💜✌️

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How to curb displaced anger.

This week on #thelittlebigthingsthatmakeushealthy, here’s a tip on anger management. Dig in.

“Gee, I no kno wetin do me today o!” Chinedu muttered over the phone as he let out a frustrated sigh.
“Bro, wetin sup?” Oke asked in reply.
“The same matter wey I hala you that day naw… As I enter house—”
“Party sca–tter.“ Oke cut in.
‘You no dey ever serious for this life’ said Chinedu, hissing loudly.
“Shu, Shu peru. Someone cannot play with you? Is that how you used to do?”
“Until Yinka serves me divorce papers, then you’ll be serious, right?” Chinedu retorted.
Sensing a heightened note of frustration in his friend’s voice, “Spill.” Oke said.
“So, the regional manager came visiting today and despite my efforts to double sales this month, she still found faults in the branch, talking down my efforts and ideas as bull-crap. I wanted to vent, but I couldn’t, because… you know how it is naw.”
“Mmh hmm…” Oke responded.

“Yay, so I thought I had it reined until I got home to meet Bisi baby doodling on the beddings and I lost it. Guy, I legit shouted on my 2-year old for doodling on beddings! What kind of father does that?” He asked rhetorically and continued.

“Yinks came in, shocked; before she could say anything, I walked out on her and a crying baby. I couldn’t take dinner, not with the guilt of what I did sitting in my gut. So, here I am, frustrated, insomnic, and pissed at myself for being so silly again.” He said, face-palming. “Hmm… Mad oh!” Oke replied.

“You don dey craze, abi?” “Nwanne cherem, you know this is an anger hangover caused by displaced anger, right? So, first off, you know you have to apologize to Yinks and talk to her about the office stuff.” “I did.” “Good.”

“But, what do I do if this happens again?”Chinedu asked, to which Oke replied, “Pause. Breathe. Think.”

“Act, stop reacting. Did I say it will be easy? No, but is it worth it? definitely, because displaced anger hurts you and the other person.”

“Overtime it’s easier because it becomes reflexive but you have to commit to doing the work.”

“Thanks man, really. “
“Forward am to Zenith bank, 2208…” “Abegi, komot for here…we go block naw.”

Your healthtechie. 

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