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Hepatitis can’t wait.

Dear, ALian. 💜

Did you know today is World Hepatitis day?

Do you know how any preventive measures?

Would you mind revisiting this beautiful entry, another good man,

Stay healthy.

Emem ye ifure. 💜

I write for you! Always.

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Point of care devices.

Ever heard of them? I know you’ll probably shake your head, but, really, it’s not as deep as you think it is. Lol.

You know those digital blood pressure machines that run on batteries/electricity? Those insulin pens for diabetics? Exxxxactly! Those are examples of POCDs (point of care devices).

So, a point of care device is a medical device that is portable and used to perform tests on the go. They are also called “bedside devices.”

Okay, so you’re probably wondering, “all this plenty talk wey GJ dey talk, how e tek affect me nau?”

Well, we’ll get there in a bit.

It’s common knowledge that as persons age, they are predisposed to a lot of diseases, which require constant monitoring.

For you, who’s been thinking, “what gift do I give my mum/dad on their birthday?” A POCD will be very helpful and probably much appreciated.

Get them self-testing kits for DM, if they are diabetic. Get them digital thermometers, for emergencies.

Get them a cardiac defibrillator for CPR.

Get them a digital manometer for their blood pressure, if they are hypertensive.

And, you’re welcome. 💜

Emem ye ifure. 💜

Cc:Your GJ. ✌️

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Healthy You.

It’s another episode of #healthupwithGJ. A short one albeit.

It’s a health prompt.

What healthy thing did you do today?

Remembering that greatness is not so much about the huge achievements as it is about the little everyday steps we take to becoming the big picture.

Admit it, when you read the question you were tempted to say “nothing.” But, really, cut yourself some slack; you’ve had a meal, yay? That’s healthy!

You had a shower? That’s healthy! You brushed your teeth twice? That’s healthy. You’re preparing to sleep? That’s healthy, my darling.

So, again, I’ll ask… What healthy thing have you done today?

Celebrate yourself for it.

Emem ye ifure. 💜

Cc: Your GJ. ✌️