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Hello, ALian.

Can you believe it’s August already? I feel like I blinked twice and boom, August. Lol.
July was one very exciting month for me, every turn was phenomenal! I intend to make a video of my memories and share on my Instagram stories for keepsake.

As I write to you now, I’m sitting on my bed (I mean, the bed that is in my father’s house, aha!). My 13 weeks vacation at Uyo has ended with the most amazing memories. It transitioned into a road trip to Abuja for the 5th joint (doctors and students) national conference of the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria. I write to you with swollen feet. Lol. The trip was an adventure! And definitely worth the while.

This week’s entry could not come in yesterday, I apologise. I thought to share with you on something I’ve been meditating on for some four weeks.

You know how when we read the bible or hear people share their experiences/stories, we insert ourselves into those shoes and create the same for ourselves? Aha. It’s one of my favourite (mind) games. However, with God, it’s never that simple. So, you’d probably hear people say they tried out something a person did and hoped for the same result but did not get it. I’d always wondered why until I realised that God doesn’t want me to live by a rule book or some set of cast-in-stone principles. He wants a relationship—everything this entails: constant (more frequent than daily) communication. He loves to be involved. He wants to have conversations with me.

Two Sundays ago I listened to Pastor Debo of Elevation church Nigeria speak on God-led and after that sermon I responded to the altar call by saying the prayer of surrender again. I find that most people have insecurities around the prayer of repentance. For the most part, it has been misconstrued.

Personally, I believe the prayer of repentance should not be called the ‘Sinner’s prayer’, because daily repentance is a permanent practice of the believer in Jesus. We keep aligning till we become completely like Him.

Like artists at an art workshop reproducing a masterpiece, every time we look at the original work, we know where to direct our paint brush to. The peice in our hand may look perfect, even more beautiful than the masterpiece, but if it’s not a replica of the masterpiece, ultimately, we’ve failed.

As believers, we must prioritise sitting with the word and engaging scriptures in prayer and meditation until we become… Daily.

There is sooooo much more on your inside. This August, be unrelenting in your pursuit of transformation. Keep at it. You’re becoming!

I love you so much and I’m grateful you come back to read these letters every week. 🤍
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Happy August! 💜

-GJ. ✌️

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March! Holla.

Aaaah ha! It’s here. It’s finally out of my head, darling.

This post has been nibbling on my brain for hours, days, weeks, should I say months? I’d rather not. Lol

How have you been? Really, I want to hear. Before I delve into the world of wonder that February has been, tell me, would you?

I’ll remind you to at the end of this read.

February holds record as my most delightful month so far and I intend to walk you through every bit of the amazing experience.

My month began with the release of my 2nd professional examination timetable. It was abruptly moved forward by about a week and I had 6 days to prepare for the examination to mark my exit from the class I’d been in since 2019.

By January I’d already started making gratitude notes every day. On those notes I wrote

“Today I am grateful for my 2/2 pass in Laboratory medicine and Pharmacology with no resit or repeat. Hallelujah.”

I made an affirmation of my expectations and used it as my home and lock screen (I shared to a few friends).

My affirmations.

Then I created a playlist on Spotify for this period and I had it on repeat to remind me every moment of the possibilities I was creating with my words.

I’m blessed with the most amazing humans in my life as friends and family members. Every single day for the whole week leading up to the exam I received food deliveries. I got local delicacies, shawarma, small chops, food from home and my dad made a special arrangement with a local restaurant to ensure I have food every day.

Some of the deliveries I had the luxury to capture memories of. Others? You know what happened… 😂

Whilst my department is yet to release the results for the examination, I’m grateful for the entire process.

In this period I experienced the love of community. I have this close knit study group that met almost everyday from 31st December to study and yet another of about 22 persons that studied in the evenings. Most nights I’d have virtual revision sessions with some amazing doctors God blessed me with in this season

And cash flow! I received alerts in this season, enough to cater for all my needs.

My friends and school family (Nesisi, Stells, PP, Awase, Ansah, Serah, Nachi, Idee, Nwike, Ella, Dee, Bree, Nenita, Cece, Ojochegbe, Sheddy, Dorcy, Uteey and Mi), and my doctor community (Dr A, Dr AJ, Dr J for jollof, Dr Atox and Dr Li) and my nuclear family were beyond rock solid.

Post-exams, I returned home to tender love and care. My both parents got me gift items. You know, every day of last week I received a gift. Lol

I’ve been manifesting goodness and mercy this entire month of February and it’s almost overwhelming how much love God can give one human.

Theeen, there’s my hair. Lol. This dear baby is 8 months old. Drum roll, please. And she’s 12.5 inches stretched out fully. However, my locs beg to differ. 😂

Lastly and possibly most importantly, February saw me starting a podcast—the healthy ALian.

The first episode is published and available on Spotify, Anchor, Google/Apple podcast and wherever you listen from.

I will put out new episodes on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month and honestly? I can’t wait to share this month’s episodes with you.

I also did a course on digital storytelling and I’m pleased to use that knowledge to serve you better.

So then, now that you’re up to speed on what I’ve been about in the past month and viewed the gallery of my million little miracles I’d love to read yours

How was February for you, dear ALian? Tell me in the comment section.

May March bring Peace and health.