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Bad habits die hard, and sometimes, they kill us before they die.

Remember, you said you won’t play ever again? Well, well. Here we are.

These heart games.

Eyes flitting, back and forth. Gazes colliding.

Waiting for who’ll break the silence.

He stares at you, you peek at him.

Letting your eyelids droop, ever so slightly, behind your glasses. Subtilty is key in this game.

You stare at him, your heart thudding; his eyes collide with yours, holds your gaze for a moment; a moment too long.

That awkward moment.

Your heart stops beating in those splits of seconds, then, he looks away.

But just before he does, you see his lips slightly upturned. It’s fickle, but your heart needs to hope, that it means he is enamored by you. For in this moment, you believe in fairy tales, love-at-first-sight and balderdash. You cannot bear to be scorned.

You sneak a peek at him, quickly accessing his attire, to assuage your fears. You are certain he’s a stranger in these parts.

Surely, he has not yet heard gossip from the market women — The ones that love to call you “Candy”; a dignified title for your whoredom, they say. But, you cannot lose hope.

Your heart must hope, so it suggests that he’s a traveller, and you entertain the thoughts that say he’ll spend a night or two in town.

You’re wanton and unabashed, but you know the attraction you feel to this man is not in hopes for a fling. You want more. And it scares you.

But, what could be more than a fling? You do not want to know. You deny it’s existence, just as it did you.

Yet, somehow, you know; deep inside you it resonates, strikes a chord, and fills you with sweet melody… He is the one.

Your left brain reminds you, that this is the feeling you had with husband 1, 2 and 3, before you stopped feeling, and began to view the 4th, 5th and 6th wedding ceremonies as business deals.

But, like moth to flame, you’re drawn. You begin your walk to the place he sits, tired and glorified.

Still undecided, you settle in on going with your gut.

If he plays nice, you play “hard-to-get”, if he plays hard, you play “damsel-in-distress”.

You’re bringing your A game to the table.


You didn’t know, that in five minutes he’ll ruin your best defences.

You did not see your jaw slack, and mouth wide open in wonder, as he bested you at your game.

No. You did not see yourself discard your water pot, with careless abandon, so uncharacteristic of you.

How could you know, that in under an hour hour, you’d be drenched in a torrent of love?

You did not see his words wrapping around your many wounds, healing your soul and making you beg him to let you be His love slave. No. You didn’t see that.

Because, if you did, you’d never had played those games.

Because, if you’d seen, you’d have known, that He always plays to win.

And win, He did; not just your heart, but the heart of all the men in your city.

Flawless victory!! The battle, and the war.

And now you remember what brought you to the well, your need to take akara and bread for lunch.

You are the Woman of Samaria, He is Jesus Christ, and this, is the tale of one; a tale for all.


Culled from: John 4.

#Life #Hope #Love!

©G. G. Joseph


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