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For tomorrow…

When our sandcastles are washed away by tomorrow’s rainstorm,
And our snowman thaws from global warming;
May we, like children, return
to the beach of life,
Hearts full of love,
faces lit with smiles,
disappointments forgotten,
lessons learned,
experience earned,
but eager to try again.

May we never lose hope,
May we never lose love,
May we never be content with status quo.
May we never quell the voice in our heart screaming for more!
May the fire never go out in our hearts before dusk
And may dusk never come till the creator bids it to.

G. G. Joseph©2019


We are alike in more ways than you know, it's why this blog exists. Every entry is my attempt to show you that your body has ability to heal from all forms of trauma and that the sound of your laughter and joy do not have to be visitors to you. Every entry is an attempt to remind you that peace and wholeness are attainable. I hope you find home here, and I hope, like me, that you fancy dodo, bread and brown pages. Subscribe already. ❤️

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