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Promise keeper.

Keeping promises is hard stuff, mehn. Have you ever wondered how God is able to keep all His promises, inside life? Likeeeee.

Today, I bought a sachet of water from a kiosk in school. I was with Iserom, my friend, and she needed water too. The seller said water is now sold for 15NGN/sachet, and I had taken only 20NGN from my bag, which dear Nachi (who is probably reading this now) had taken to class for me.

We had two options, drop a sachet or pay back later. I chose the later and left with the water.

Fast forward to three hours, I’m distracted by my phone’s insufficient battery power and my absent power bank, so I decide to go home. I’m some meters away from the class I read in when I remember the 10NGN I owed the seller.

Guy, that’s how I took myself on another sunny trek to the kiosk for 10NGN. I’m almost there when it hits me, the kind of sacrifices God makes to keep His promises to us as His beloved.

When we call God promise keeper, we acknowledge His faithfulness. His direless, tireless commitment to do what He says. Remember this when next you remind Him of His promises, and pause to thank Him for moving heaven and earth, time and again to fulfill His promises to you in times past.

And, let these words remind you; your father is a promise keeper, so are you! Keep your promises.

Emem ye ifure. (Peace and serenity)

Your GJ. 💜


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4 thoughts on “Promise keeper.

  1. Oh my God! 😭
    If we humans can go to such great lengths to keep our promises why do we expect less from God who is infinitely better and stronger than we are
    He is willing and ABLE! thanks for this GeeJay 😩🙌🏿

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