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The East_Star is risen!?

To prepare us for the holy week that’s coming up, I thought to share this phantasm with you for Fiction Fridays. Enjoy!

Eyes shut and just at the verge of beginning meditation, Merlin’s phone pinged in a tone that specified a message from the Council, “What might it be this time that’s so urgent and can’t wait out the few hours until daylight?” he wondered. Picking up his tablet, his heart froze in fright.

Unconsciously, the ‘thud’ of his tablet on impacting the mahogany bench made Frenitius leave the treadmill and pick up the tablet.
The notification read: ‘All wise men must report to the consulate within the hour. Come with your scrying bowels.
Crisis concerns the East star. ‘

Sighing heavily, he dropped the tablet and went in to get ready. He knew why Merlin was so frightened; 33 moons ago, there was a team sent on a mission to find the East star and they’d met with Herod, and intimated the dumb king, unwittinglya@1@@@a a@ though, of the existence of the star, and they’d all watched the slaughters that followed.

The Lord consul was red with fury at the slip up and it had taken two years for Merlin to see his face again, because he’d led that team. And now a few weeks ago, that same East Star had begun to show signs of falling, and fall it did with a mighty earthquake accompanying it’s fall, around the region of Jerusalem.

This star, which, by the forecasts was meant to usher in a season of advanced magic, such as never was seen before, had fallen way too soon, and as much as it had baffled them, they weren’t surprised– His life and times had too many of such untoward circumstances.

Beginning from his late rising three years ago, to his association with commoners, and unusual benevolence which didn’t marry with the kingly aura he had about him.

They’d been so sure he’d come to see them soon, at least they’d made their interests clear when they visited with gifts, knowing already how advantageous partnership with him would be, for in all their days, and in all archives, never, (not even in the day of Solomon) had there been a star whose brilliance illumined the entire galaxy, so bright they’d been forced to think that it was the sun, and the sun a mere reflection of its glory.

Shaking his head to free himself of tumultuous thoughts, he called to Merlin that he was leaving.

Poor Merlin, he’d been blamed for the fall of the star, as he’d been assigned to watch the star since his slip-up, but he, as all other wise men, knew that this star was protected by a power far greater than theirs and one far reaching, as countless times he’d been saved from danger by this star whilst he was trying to protect the selfsame.

So, they’d all known that the star had willingly fallen and wasn’t knocked out of the sky. And call it a mystery if you would, but on the day of its fall, all the stars refused to shine–the sun inclusive.

Hearing Samnevire the clerk hail him from the inner court, Frenitius frowned at the fact that he’d arrived the Consul still brooding.
Realizing the meeting was about beginning he hurried to his seat.

The Lord consul rose and with only a nod of acknowledgement to all present began to speak. “Scrying bowels at the ready, we traverse space tonight to discover the truth, for the East star is risen.”

Thick silence fell on the assembly and then, one voice, two voices, ten, a hundred, maybe five hundred, he couldn’t tell anymore but it was one question… “How could this be?”


©G. G. Joseph


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